Euros Snatch Pre-season Victory from UC

Round one of the 2017 Pre-season games kicked off with an absolute nail biter. The game went right down to the wire with the UC going down by 1 point to the Euro Mixers.

UC came out firing early and looked unbeatable with screamers dropping from absolutely everywhere. However, the Euros stuck in there and brought the game back to chase by one at half time.

The start of the second half was a different game. UC looked tired and the Euros took advantage, taking 3 easy goals to UC’S Zero. The game went right down to the wire with UC taking possession in the final seconds. However the opportunity went begging, as sloppy ball play lead to a turnover. Simple mistakes were an issue for the UC throughout the entire second half.

Enter James Plowman, a well-loved UC student and athlete, known to like the high life. Plowman has managed to turn his life around in recent months stating “it was time to grow up… my off-field behavior was starting to affect my game”. Plowman came out and produced possibly one of the best performances of his career. Easy to say he was the sole reason UC was still in the fight after a poor second half.

Brent Irvine – ACT Game Reporter