We are proud to announce the following ACT players representing Australia.


Senior Women 

Jess Cleary (Left Back)


Cleary began playing handball in early 2012 after being introduced to the sport in school PE classes. Since then she has represented the University of Canberra, ACT, NSW, and Australia at both Junior and Senior levels. She is a versatile player who has proven herself as one of our most fierce defenders. 

Kayla Zissler (Goal Keeper and Pivot)


Zissler began playing in 2012 with teammate Jess Cleary. Until this year Zissler has played as goalkeeper for both the Junior and Senior Australian Women’s teams. She has also excelled in beach handball, competing in Hungary in 2016 for the Australian Senior team. Since early 2016 Zissler has moved onto the court to prove herself as a powerful addition to any team as pivot. 

Junior Women 

Freya Brent (Centre and Wing)


Brent joined the sport in mid 2014. Soon after she began training with the Australian Junior Women’s squad as centre and winger. She has completed in two international tournaments. 

Mika Leslie (Wing)


American born Leslie joined the sport only a couple of years ago. Her dedication has seen her join the Australian Junior Women’s squad in 2016. While she mostly plays on the wing, Leslie is a versatile player willing to step into the backs. 

Amy Thomas (Goal Keeper)


Thomas has made her mark as an up and coming goal keeper. Training alongside Zissler has helped Thomas become a strong and reliable keeper. She is also training with the Australian Junior Women’s squad and has been selected to play for Sydney Uni for 2017 Club Championships. 

Holly Williams (Right Back and Right Wing)


After attending trials at her school, Williams began playing for ACT in early 2015. She went on to captain the U18’s ACT team. From there Williams was selected to train with the Australian Junior Women’s squad and has travelled internationally to compete. Holly is on ACT’s only left handed player making her a dominant right back and right wing. 

Jo Katz (Pivot)


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Nicole Doherty 


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Senior Men

Taip Ramadani (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taip_Ramadani)


Player – Australian Men’s National Team 1993 – 2009

Head Coach – Australian Men’s National Team (2009-2013)

Head Coach – Kosovo National Team (2016 – Present)

Founder of ACT Handball Association

Jason Hoppner 


Player –

Coach –

Junior Men

Luke Behendorff


Player – Australian Men’s U21 team 2015

Harjodh Singh


Player – Australian Men’s U21 team 2015

Karl Warrener


Player – Australian Men’s U18s team 2011-2012

Player – Australian Men’s U21 team 2012-2015