There’s a Storm Coming: Pre-season Round two

Round two gave us another classic matchup. This game, like round one went down to the dying seconds of the second half, with UC taking the victory. Coming out of the gates strong UC dominated from the opening whistle.

The first half saw a solid team performance, putting UC up by 10 not long before halftime. This has become standard practice from the UC controlling the first half in majority of their games.

The Euros came out of the break firing and playmaker Harjodh Singh would not take no for an answer. Singh put more than his fair share of shots in the back of the net. In what seemed like a blink of the eye, the Euros Mixers managed to bring the game back to level.

UC had no answer and looked to their veteran players to right the ship. In the dying seconds, UC captain Karl Warrener took control with a few crucial shots to lead his team to a one-point victory. The final score, UC 37 – Euros 36. The man of the match was presented to the UC pivot coming out of his rookie season,

The man of the match was presented to the UC pivot coming out of his rookie season, Mr Daniel Peryman. I caught up with him before the game and asked him how the weather was up there. Peryman responded with “looks like there’s a high-pressure system coming in, bringing with it some heavy rain… Just call me Debbie”. And didn’t it just poor!

Peryman had his hands on everything. The big man used his size thoughout the game to put goal after goal on the scoreboard for the UC and the Euros just did not have the size to match. His teammates kept looking to him in the middle for answers and he just kept dealing. After a recent plateau in form it looks like Daniel Peryman is primed and ready to make a big impact in his sophomore season. Congratulations Daniel Peryman.

Brent Irvine – ACT Game Reporter